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To become a nonvoting member of the Richards & Coleman Family Foundation, Inc. you must be a biological offspring, adopted or the spouse of a Richards or Coleman Family member. Both families originated in Liberia from The City of Clay Ashland on the St Paul River in Montserrado County.

The Richards family of Liberia are decedents of Mr. Othello Richards who originated from Lexington, Virginia U S A. The Coleman Family are decedents of President William D. Coleman who originated from Fayette County in Kentucky U S A.

Only eligible members as defined by the Foundation's constitution can become a Full or voting member of the Richards & Coleman Family Foundation, Inc. You must be 19 years old and pay a tax deductible annual assessment of $75.00 USD which is due on January 1st each year. All members under the age of 18 are Associate non-voting members with an annual assessment of $10.00 USD. For more details of the foundation's membership requirements go to the Foundation's website at www.rcff1.org/about/Constitution

Filling in and submitting this form if you are eligible to become a mamber has its benefits. Becoming a paid member will enable more benifts in the near future.

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